US Made Ammo

Wood crate containing 4 cans of .30cal. This particular ammo is old DCM ammo from around 1994. It is "SL 56" headstamped, which is St. Louis factory. This was good accurate ammo in spite of it's age.

Here are the cans that the "SL 56" was packed in.

This is a "bulk" pack can of "LC 72" ammo. "Bulk" packed meaning it's just on Garand clips with cardboards no bandoleers. This ammo is generally de-linked from MG belts. The LOT# on this can denotes it was repacked at Red River Arsenal (RR) in May of '94 (94-E) "E" is the month (A= Jan, etc.) and then the LOT#.

Current issue CMP M2 Ball ('01-'02) LC 66. Packed in two .50cal cans.


.50cal can from the LC 66 Crate. Inside are twenty 20 round boxes.

20 round box of LC 66 ammo. Excellent ammo with a copper jacket.



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