Taiwanese Ammo

Wood crate for ammo in Browning MG links. This ammo also comes packed in garand clips.

Here is the "spam" can that contains two 120 round belts of ammo.

Taiwanese headstamps. "60A" is the factory code. "30" is the caliber. "58/62" is the year of production. (NOTE they are on a different calender than we are so you must ADD 12 to the year. Therefore this ammo was made in 1970 and in 1974.)

Good ammo as well. Made to M2 specs. Projectile is lead core/copper jacket 150grn FMJ. Cases are Boxer primed BUT the primer pockets are just a hair larger than any primers I've found. If you try to reload these DO NOT remove the crimp as this will most likely make the pocket too large. I managed to get about 1 in 10 to hold a primer securely without removing the crimp. The rest of the primers would just fall out. I will have to say that this ammo IS corrosive, I haven't had much trouble with it but others I know have.(Rusted bores and oprods) Personally I just clean them well after firing. Still it's decent ammo if you can find it.


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