French Ammo

The French made Carbine ammo for the many thousands of Carbines they had in service after WW2. After it was surplussed out much of it came into the country and was repackaged by Interarms.

The ammo is generally of good quality however unfortunately it's corrosive and Berdan primed. Well at least most of it is. There is some French made ammo that is NON-corrosive AND Boxer primed...of course this is the ammo that has some hangfires due to the primers going bad. The only way to tell is buy reading the original box it was packed in.

The label will read: Mle 1950 OR Mle 1950-A for corrosive or non-corrosive. Then below that you have the brass, primer, projectile and powder information in the European manner of marking. The brass (Etuis Laiton) and primer (Amorces) will have an "A" behind the model 1950 designation if it's Boxer and Non-corrosive.

If you MUST shoot this ammo then be sure to remove the gas piston of your carbine and clean that area well otherwise it will rust shut on you.



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