French .30cal Ammo

The French made .30 cal M2 ammo should be considered unsafe to fire as there was a warning in the American Rifleman some years back about the weak brass in this ammo. Most of this ammo is found in 20 round boxes marked as below.

Here is what you find on the inside...

THREE different headstamps in one box! Notice there was no lot# info on the box above. This suggests a repack from another box(s). On my ammo there was no came from delinked Browning belts. Look closely in the following picture and you can see where the links left marks on the brass.

This ammo is Berdan primed and Corrosive! Plus it has known brass problems as well. Avoid this ammo for shooting purposes! You could break it down and salvage the bullets but that's about it.

See the warning below from Ohio Ordnance on the use of the French ammo.


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