This is the Russian attempt to get in on the cheap ammo for shooters and hunters. The cases are Berdan primed and non-corrosive and have a thin coat of laquer on them to prevent corrosion.

I tested some of the 168grn SP ammo in a Garand and it shot and cycled well. Accuracy was about 3" @100yds with an "average" Garand. It shot as well as M2 Ball and better than some other lots.

Unfortunately I cannot confirm that the powder in this ammo is compatible with Garands or not. As for the use of steel cases in general, there is no danger of wear and tear on your rifle from the cases. The steel is much softer than the steel in your rifle. Laquer buildup is a problem I have yet to see. If the I could prove the powder was suitable for a Garand I would have no problems using this ammo on a regular basis.


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